Ssshhhh… be vewy vewy quiet

At long last Máirtín’s new site is live. It’s basically the same old site with a facelift and better infrastructure. This is called a quiet rollout which is making a new site live but not announcing it to the world on all of the fashionable outlets (Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.). Yet. This is what you call a shakedown cruise. Tell us what you think in the comments and in a few days barring any major bugs, we’ll make a Grand Announcement or rather Máirtín will.

What’s this about the Concert Window Series?

Over the last few months Máirtín has been giving live concerts from his home and they have gone down grand altogether.  But, with some contemplation he has decided to make a right go of it and set up a monthly concert series.  The last Thursday of every month, beginning in February, there will be a half hour (or so) live webshow which will include 2 unrecorded songs.  Over ten months that is 20 songs and you will pick the Top Ten. What?  Yes, each month they will be up for a vote by you (if you hear them) and those who watched the show.  The hope is to build a new repertoire and based upon your input create a new album for 2015!!  What do you think of that?  An album which you can be a part of from start to finish sounds amazing to all of us here at Máirtín Music.

The shows are set at 7.30pm Minnesota time which is in the Central time zone. If you are having difficulty wrapping your head around what time is what, this great website will convert the time zone for you click here
The Concert Window Series are PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANT shows where you can make requests in a chat box and even give tips.  Most requests will be taken via Facebook event pages during the week leading up to the show.
The take is spilt between Máirtin and Concert Window.  They get 1/3 and Máirtín gets 2/3 of all the money you give.  You don’t have to pay for petrol or diesel even (that’s gas, says he), parking or buy a drink!! What a deal!!  Check in early especially if it is your first log in as it may take 10 minutes to chose a username etc. (there is an obvious lyric I could insert here)

See you there. Reviews of old shows can be found at the end of the page here
4 shows have been set up already – buy your tickets from the links below
2/27 – Concert Window Series
3/27 – Concert Window Series
4/24 – Concert Window Series
5/29 – Concert Window Series

Máirtín’s Bus Tour of Ireland 2014 – are you coming? Don’t miss your chance

Paddy Malone’s Wylde Irish Tours presents
Ireland with Máirtín de Cógáin
October 11-19, 2014
$1,857.00* per person sharing
ONLY 30 openings on this tour! Many are filled already.

7 days/7 nights
Cork, Kilkenny, & Dublin
4 Star Accommodations
3 nights Imperial Hotel, Cork City
2 nights Kilkenny Hibernian Hotel
2 nights Trinity Capitol Hotel, Dublin
Your tour includes… Continue reading by clicking here….
Call 573-338-5990 to book your seat or email Allen at <>


A Second Concert Window

1238974_10151961969675676_834361992_nI will be doing a special live webcast on Concert Window at 8pm GMT on this Sunday October 20th.  I’ll be singing songs, taking requests, and answering YOUR questions in real time!  Wherever you are in the world, you can tune in.  You can purchase online tickets starting now at–2. The webcast will not be taped – it’s offered in real time.  I hope you can join me!

– Máirtín

Cork time: 8pm
New York to Brazil: 3pm
Minnesota to Texas: 2pm
Vancouver to California: 12pm
Auckland, NZ: 8am (Monday)
Melbourne, OZ: 6am (Monday)

Click here and Set a reminder right now so you won’t forget, like!!

The concert is a ‘pay as much or as little as you like’ event.  You will need to create an account withConcert Window, make a Login name etc. so turn up for the show ten minutes early to make sure you get on in time or do it now and be ready to Roll come Sunday.  Last time was great craic but it was too late in the night for the people of Ireland. This one is especially for Rebels everywhere who haven’t seen me in ages. It’s a fantastic opportunity to be a part of Cork Rebel Week while living so far away.

To know anything you think you might still need to know about myself check for all the details.  You can check out the facebook event here and join in on the banter early.  Concert Window is about to change the music industry forever.

Now go to–2 and we will see you there!!

I hope to see you there
Le grá


Concert Window On-web Performance

Thursday September 19th:  Carrigaline Native, Máirtín de Cógáin will be doing an online concert at 9pm EDT /8pm CDT or 2am Cork time (Thursday night / Friday morning). A new company in the US called Concert Window has asked Máirtín to participate in the ‘Concert Window OPEN series’. It will be a 30 minute concert streamed live to the World Wide Web and not recorded for later showings. If you wish to see Máirtín in the comfort of your own home check out for all the details. The concert is a ‘pay what you can’ event and you will need to create an account so turn up for the show ten minutes early to make sure you get a seat. He will be taking requests too and answering questions as the night progresses. ‘It hard to get to play in everywhere,’ says Máirtín, ‘ but this is a powerful tool for people to see you live and interact with you in real time.’

The show will start at 8:30pm EDT/7:30pm CST. 

You can purchase tickets here on a pay-what-you-will basis anytime.
Since this show is only 30 minutes long,we suggest people go to the website at least fifteen minutes beforehand to log in.The webshow will not be recorded – it’s offered in real time.

You can check out the facebook event here.