Máirtín got a gig with The Chieftains? How did that happen?

From Máirtín himself in his own words…
‘Sit down now, until I tell you, I got a call from #theAngelGabriel! (not sure if he digs the hashtag, could be nickname from childhood, God works in mysterous ways) with the chance of a gig of a lifetime with the Chieftains!   I played for their TV spot on FOX 32 in Chicagoland and in the concert they had me sing a solo, like, and play a bodhrán solo in the finale! I’m still floating.”

Check out Máirtín singing An Poc ar Buile with The Chieftains by clicking here

(Thanks to Brian J. Griffin for the recording of it!)

Ssshhhh… be vewy vewy quiet

At long last Máirtín’s new site is live. It’s basically the same old site with a facelift and better infrastructure. This is called a quiet rollout which is making a new site live but not announcing it to the world on all of the fashionable outlets (Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.). Yet. This is what you call a shakedown cruise. Tell us what you think in the comments and in a few days barring any major bugs, we’ll make a Grand Announcement or rather Máirtín will.

What’s this about the Concert Window Series?

Over the last few months Máirtín has been giving live concerts from his home and they have gone down grand altogether.  But, with some contemplation he has decided to make a right go of it and set up a monthly concert series.  The last Thursday of every month, beginning in February, there will be a half hour (or so) live webshow which will include 2 unrecorded songs.  Over ten months that is 20 songs and you will pick the Top Ten. What?  Yes, each month they will be up for a vote by you (if you hear them) and those who watched the show.  The hope is to build a new repertoire and based upon your input create a new album for 2015!!  What do you think of that?  An album which you can be a part of from start to finish sounds amazing to all of us here at Máirtín Music.

The shows are set at 7.30pm Minnesota time which is in the Central time zone. If you are having difficulty wrapping your head around what time is what, this great website will convert the time zone for you click here
The Concert Window Series are PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANT shows where you can make requests in a chat box and even give tips.  Most requests will be taken via Facebook event pages during the week leading up to the show.
The take is spilt between Máirtin and Concert Window.  They get 1/3 and Máirtín gets 2/3 of all the money you give.  You don’t have to pay for petrol or diesel even (that’s gas, says he), parking or buy a drink!! What a deal!!  Check in early especially if it is your first log in as it may take 10 minutes to chose a username etc. (there is an obvious lyric I could insert here)

See you there. Reviews of old shows can be found at the end of the page here
4 shows have been set up already – buy your tickets from the links below
2/27 – Concert Window Series
3/27 – Concert Window Series
4/24 – Concert Window Series
5/29 – Concert Window Series